Letmewatchthis: Six Very Good TV Series You Should Try in Watch Series

I have always loved TV series. The production, special effects, and cinematography are comparable to films. Most are so good that I am really watching for the release of the next episodes. But because of schedule and other circumstances, I sometimes miss some episodes. I arrive at home later than the airing time thus only watching a portion of the episode. And for some unfortunate times, I would miss the entire episode or episodes. letmewatchthiscom.com has various tutorials related to letmewatchthis.

Good thing there are websites like Letmewatchthis where I can watch the TV series that I want—in my own convenient time. So when I discovered online movie streaming, I started switching to it. Now I watch my favorite series online. This is more convenient and fun for me.I have my own favorite series. The top in my list are enumerated below.

NCIS: New Orleans

This American action drama series is as exciting as its prequel NCIS. Starring Scott Bakula, Lucas Black, Zoe McLellan and many more, this features the adventures of a group of agents in New Orleans, Lousiana in solving crimes committed by Aerican military personnel.

The 100

The Hundred is a story of survivors after the Earth was wiped out by a nuclear apocalypse. The 100 survivors are always tested as their lives are always put at risk.


This hit series is about a movie actor starring detective roles who when he returned home after having a public meltdown was asked to investigate real cases by old neighbors and friends.


There is a reason why this series is a consistent top ranking series in America. This realistic portrayal of an American working-class family had been in the television since 1988 and is now on the eleventh season.

New Girl

This American sitcom is a story of bubbly teacher Jess who is living in a loft with three men. It features how they interact with each other and their individual relationships.