The elements of film editing

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movie editing can be considered as part of the process in Movie Maker, which is the least appreciated by the audience. It’s not that the audience just does not see it as something necessary in a film worth seeing. It is because many of them simply do not know what takes place is carried out during processing. Once the audience has, what are the elements or steps implemented, they would surely find out that what they are on the screen. Still almost 50 percent with the help of computers and other video-editing machine

RAW shots during the filming was the description of the responsibilities of the directors, the actors and the writers to be involved. This would always see not nice, because there are some dirty beats that are included by mistake could be. It is also possible that there will be some missing shots. All this would not be found if all of these undergo the scrutinizing eyes of the movie editor. After the editor goes through all RAW pictures, he should be able to determine which images are repeated as final and which should could be considered. Of course he would inform the director about this.

<p film editing is often called the post-production phase. In a narrow sense, it is still part of the film production. Of course, no director and producer would always distribute films made RAW shots. Furthermore, in contemporary film production, it is during the processing phase that certain scenes are actually made. There are some scenes that could be easily dealt with using computers, such as those that require the input of the computer-generated characters. It is during the processing phase, that, before it can be done integrated into the scenes that have been declared as final. The soundtrack is also added to the film at this stage.

Once done editing the scenes, the next concern of the editor to check the over-all quality of the film itself. In this part, the focus on the lighting and color would be. These aspects can no longer need the support because more protracted reshootings computer too much in this matter. At this point also, the editor, the help from the designers and experts in animation, work depends on the type of film. All these processes are done in an indoor studio.

<p can to be at the forefront throughout the process during the film editor, it is essential that the director also. The editor has a limited authority when it comes to the scenes, which is why the director should at about the consultation. There may be some shots that are repeated, and this could not be done without the director who nod. The editor can also consult the Director on improving some of the scenes with the use of computers. The film editing process, a product of the artistic collaboration between the director and the editor.

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