Celebrity Car Choices

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Celebrities love their expensive cars, but have you ever wondered what in particular makes and models to take their imagination? some celebrities opt for the cheap run around car and fit seamlessly into the society, as they take a trip to the local shops or pick up their children from school, while other drivers prefer and glittering super-cars, convertibles and four SUVs driving around the capital city and the surrounding countryside. They are lovers of the environmentally friendly vehicle or do they prefer the gas guzzling cars?

<p Sir Stirling Moss, born in the twenties, and a motor driver does not drive a road car, but a three-wheeled scooter. His racing career spanned decades, and he is well known and respected in racing circles. His first car was an Austin Seven. For its off-road driving, and in the streets, a Morgan Three Wheeler He always keeps an A – Z of London in his glove compartment in case of emergency, and loves to hear together Barbra Streisand and Frank Sinatra to go

Arlene Phillips, judge on Strictly Come Dancing rather have a Suzuki Swift. , they go to 500th from A to B, but their first car was a white Fiat In their glove compartment keeps small change for parking and a spare lipstick. Slightly less convenient that Sir Stirling Moss!

<p Charley Boorman is usually more at home on motorcycles, after participating in the Dakar Rally and accompanying Ewan McGregor on the long way down, and the long way round. His first motorcycle was a Yamaha, the ride to his children also learned. His best music to listen to while driving is something cool and relaxing as Jamiroquai and Stereophonics.

<p James Caan of Dragons Den fame drives a massive Austin with personalized license plate reading 'JC', which is often seen cruising around St John's Wood (where he lives) and the surrounding areas.

If you own a car in the UK, then make sure that you have car insurance to protect your no claims bonus in the event of a traffic accident on the roads.

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